Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sounds Like a Threat

I wish I thought Congressman Oberstar was serious about reregulating the airlines. Unfortunately, it just sounds like a threat to me.

Congress May Bring Back Airline Regulation

”Restoring financial regulation of the airline industry will be put before Congress if the Justice Department approves a proposed merger of United and Continental airlines, two key House members said Wednesday.“

And then I think the Huffington Post got ahead of themselves.

”The legislation would impose federal regulation of airline pricing and re-establish a government gatekeeper role similar to that played by the old Civil Aeronautics Board prior to deregulation in 1978, Oberstar said.“

I’m not sure what Oberstar said but I seriously doubt that any proposed legislation would look anything like the old CAB. I don’t think it’s necessary but I seriously doubt anything like it would be politically possible.

But just to clarify my position, I’d take the old days -- CAB and all -- over what we have now. If nothing else I’d choose it for the good jobs the airlines used to provide.

Don Brown
June 19, 2010


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