Sunday, June 13, 2010

Congratulations Mr. Planzer

I’m just making sure you young whippersnappers are keeping up with the news.

ATCA's Glen A. Gilbert Award 2010

”The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) board of directors has chosen the 2010 Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Award winner, Neil R. Planzer, Vice President of Boeing Air Traffic Management.“

Now, if you don’t know who Nail Planzer is, what ATCA is, or who Glen A. Gilbert was -- your education in the profession of air traffic control history is incomplete. Fortunately for you, the cure for ignorance is only a couple of clicks away. You don’t even have to leave this site.

Super Geeky

”You may have noticed the name Neil Planzer in the article from CQPolitics I mentioned the other day -- the one listing potential Administrators for the FAA. Mr. Planzer worked for the FAA and now works for Boeing.

One thing always leads to another. I seem to remember that Mr. Planzer had a pretty good reputation among the controllers he worked with. That’s unusual enough in the FAA but I seem to remember someone telling me he was really smart too.“

FAA History Lesson -- March 31

”I’ve only heard the oldest of stories about ATCA (as opposed to PATCO or NATCA.) I believe it started with the same intentions -- to represent the controller profession -- but it transformed into the good-old-boy network for FAA management. Whatever the story, one look at their board tells you they aren’t controllers. “

Well, will you look at that? Just one more paragraph down and you get a 2-for-1. Mr. Planzer and ATCA both in the same post -- right here on my little ol’ bitty blog.

”I know Mr. Planzer is ex-FAA. And I recognize Mr. Washington from his recent appearance on “The Main Bang” (which is usually not a good thing for FAA management -- and it wasn’t.) You’ll probably recognize some of the companies. Harris, ITT, NAV CANADA, etc. They might be involved in air traffic control but I don’t think they’re representing controllers anymore. “

Like Meatloaf said, Two out of three ain’t bad. You’re own your own with Glen A. Gilbert. Do I have to do everything for you? Here. Just click on this and sit back.

Don Brown
June 13, 2010


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