Friday, June 18, 2010

Privatization Consequences

Listen for the phrase, “We’ve lost our ability to do for ourselves.”

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Apply this conundrum to the entire Federal Government. (I know it’s true of the FAA and feel certain it is for much of the rest of government.) Then realize that the only thing holding the entire world’s economy together is the full “faith and credit” of Government of the United States of America.

“They” didn’t do this. Not “the government”, not the liberals or the conservatives. Not the Moonies, not the socialists, the John Birchers or _____ (insert your demon of choice) or the rich or the poor. Not even “the evildoers”. We did this. Us. You and me.

And we will have to fix it.

Every single day, I bump into my fellow citizens that have no faith in their government. They don’t have any faith in any government. I can understand this. I know the narrative they have been fed for decades now. What bothers me is that they can’t take the next logical step.

If you will engage them about the subject -- instead of just nodding your head in the ”go-along-get-along” mode -- they will readily agree that government is important and it needs to work. But they can’t seem to verbalize any thought whatsoever about how to change our current circumstances. They can’t come up with a “chicken” or an “egg”. They can’t come up with a starting point -- a beginning to a different phase.

Here is a starting place. Name one person that you know. One person that would make a good mayor, councilman or Congressman. Or woman. What would it take to get them to run for office? Work it out. Step by step. Who. How to get them to run. How to get them elected. What they need to do. Keep going. Step by step. There are different paths. But they all require that you take that first step.

Don Brown
June 18, 2010

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