Monday, October 05, 2009

SC Has Nothing on GA

That’s GA as in Georgia -- not General Aviation. (Distracting thought ---> That would make a nice ad campaign, huh -- GA for GA ?) South Carolina might have Joe Wilson but Georgia has my Congressman -- Lynn Westmoreland. Joe is famous for two words -- “You lie”. Lynn is famous for one word -- “uppity”. Well, that and his appearance on the The Colbert Report.

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, Joe and Lynn are both white. Our President is only half white. We keep telling everyone (that will listen) that race isn’t a problem in America. Not even down here in the South. But our half white President is “black”. Not half black, mind you, but “black”. I wonder what we think that says about us. Hopefully, the fact that Barack Obama is our President speaks for our country louder than our words.

Anyway, this morning I opened up the monthly newsletter I get from my Congressman -- Lynn Westmoreland.

World's autocrats swoon for Obama

“There aren’t many calls to my office from Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District praising the policies of President Obama.”

“Sure, his leftist agenda on deficit spending, cap-and-trade, tax increases and a proposed government takeover of health care....”

“If you’re a national leader who suppresses freedom of speech, jails political opponents on trumped charges or presides over a corrupt regime, you’ve probably had some glowing remarks for our president lately.”

“Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez was equally effusive, albeit in his own unique way.”

“Chavez's buddy Fidel Castro jumped on the bandwagon to praise Obama’s strong language on addressing climate change... “

“Perhaps we can laugh off some of the bluster of Chavez and Gaddafi. On the other hand, we should look warily at any praise coming from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.”

There’s sort of a “P.S.” to this diatribe -- “Corps' handing of river saved lives “ gets three sentences.

I really wonder if there is another district in the country that gets this sort of message from their Congressman. Besides some district in South Carolina that is.

On Friday, I told you to go read Robert Reich’s blog.

”Unemployment of this magnitude and duration also translates into ugly politics, because fear and anxiety are fertile grounds for demagogues weilding the politics of resentment against immigrants, blacks, the poor, government leaders, business leaders, Jews, and other easy targets. It's already started. Next year is a mid-term election. Be prepared for worse.“

In reading some other blog and following their links, I stumbled across this little piece of history that I didn’t know about.

”A famous handbill circulated on November 21, 1963 In Dallas, Texas. One day before the assassination of John F. Kennedy.“

Read the charges on that handbill carefully and compare them to what you hear in the today’s environment. Words have consequences. I think everyone needs to take a step back, take a deep breath and choose their words a little more carefully. What do you think Congressman Westmoreland ?

Don Brown
October 5, 2009

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