Monday, October 19, 2009

One More Thing #148

There’s always one more thing. When you’re reading the article below (about the Tech Center in New Jersey) ask yourself a question: What happened to the VLJs ?

Micro Jets Debut in U.S. Airspace

”FAA chief Marion Blakey estimates that if just 2 percent of current airline passengers move to VLJs, air-traffic controllers will have to handle three times as many more take-offs and landings than they currently do.“

VLJs may still come about one year. Or decade. The “airplane in every garage” idea never did. It’s hard to predict the future. I am skeptical of people that do so with clarity and vigor. I think they’re guessing -- just like I am.

(Hat Tip to whoever mentioned the VLJs on

Don Brown
October 19, 2009


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