Walk Towards the Light

I set this shot up and then spent about 20 minutes waiting on someone (or some thing) to come around the curve on their way down the hill.  The only thing that moved was the little "spot lights" of sunshine moving up the hill as the Sun got higher and higher.

A friend stopped for a brief chat and then continued on up the hill.  My metaphysical-minded friend didn't know I was being literal when I told him to "walk towards the light". He was about to pass the last patch of light on the wrong side of the trail so I yelled it at him, "Walk towards the light!"  He finally figure it out. (Or his friend did.)  It's always hard for people to believe they might be the picture. 

On the Bankhead Trail in Monte Sano State Park, Huntsville, Alabama.

Nikon D7200 — Nikon 18-300mm F6.3 ED VR
ISO 5120 (yes, autoexposure)

©Don Brown 2022


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