White Squirrel Mania

Everybody wants to see the white squirrel on Monte Sano. And everybody is just as surprised a predator hasn't gotten him yet.  But he's alive and well — at least as of this morning.

If you've never seen one, well, you've never seen one.  I grew up visiting Brevard, North Carolina and the town is famous for white squirrels.  Unlike this one, the ones in Brevard aren't albinos.  This one (I'm told) is an albino.  (Note the red eye.)  People more knowledgeable than me say the albinos never last long.  But the ones in Brevard thrive so…I don't know.

I'm sure the race is on to name him.  I heard "Alvin" this morning.  I'm going to toss out "Frosty".  I'm sure it won't be up to me. 

Nikon D7200 — Nikon 200-500 F5.6 ED VR
ISO 2,000

(The data is showing 750mm.  I have no idea why.)

©Don Brown 2021 


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