Monday, March 22, 2010

Goofy and Not Happy

Here I am, unhappy at the Happiest Place on Earth. I know I don’t get out much but it’s really hard to believe that the Happiest Place on Earth doesn’t have a decent internet connection. Ethernet in the room (want to bet they’ll charge me double for connecting two computers ?) and a Wi-Fi signal in the conference center so weak I’m not sure I’d pay for it even if I could figure out how to log in to do so (which I can’t).

What is it guys ? It’s a business conference. We do business on the ‘net just like everybody else. It’s bad enough that it isn’t “free” but to not even be able to log on ? Oh, and I’m typing this sitting on a cube. Yes, only one chair in the room. I get the cube. After the mile-long walk to get back to the room. Not Happy.

Anyway, I just listened to Paul Rinaldi (NATCA’s President) open the Communicating for Safety conference.

”ERAM is not at the point where we should be testing it on live traffic.” -- Paul Rinaldi

That answers question #3. I look forward to hearing the answers to the rest of my questions.

Don Brown
March 22, 2010
(Okay, the ethernet works for both computers)


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