Friday, March 12, 2010

Deregulation Hogwash

Riddle me this, Dear Reader. How can an air traffic control/aviation blog work in a story about hogs ? One word: Deregulation.

”Twenty-five years ago, Montgomery County had about 200 independent hog farmers. Foster is one of two now. He's got just one steady buyer for his hogs.

Meanwhile, companies that sell Foster supplies have grown just as powerful, as are the ones he depends on to buy his livestock. That leaves Foster trapped between giants — a situation he blames on "hands-off" economic policy. “

It’s a great (but short) story I heard in on NPR’s Morning Edition. Here’s the link.

”"The biggest boar at the trough needs to win no matter who he lashes out with his tusks and kills, 'cause the biggest company left standing will be efficient, and that efficiency will move down to the consumer," Foster says. "That's hogwash. That doesn't work. We found out from the banks that it doesn't work that way. They keep that efficiency in their pocket."“

Sounds like Farmer Foster has The Flick. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Don Brown
March 12, 2010


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