Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Aviation and Labor

In case you didn’t realize it, a major hangup in getting the FAA reauthorization Bill passed is labor law. Think Progress has the story.

”The RLA poses larger barriers to organizing than the NLRA, which has enabled FedEx to prevent its drivers from collectively bargaining. So the company has invested a lot of time and effort into blocking the change, including characterizing it as a “bailout” for UPS. “

It’s a microcosm of what is wrong in America. A huge Bill being held up by one issue. A company that is blatantly anti-union -- using our lax laws to avoid paying its workers benefits. And the solution is just as simple. You can jump through a bunch of hoops and try to get the “right” people elected or....

The next time you need something shipped, decide which company you would rather do business with -- the union one or the anti-union one. Did you notice the whole world went broke when Americans stopped shopping ? The American consumer has an awesome power if they can just learn how to use it. Before we lose it.

Here’s some additional information on how FedEx plays this game.

FedEx threatens to cancel airplane order

”FedEx Corp. is dangling the possibility of canceling a multibillion-dollar order for airplanes should Congress help its workers unionize. “

Fred Smith has changed his mind before.

”The B777F has a payload capacity of 103 tons and competes with Airbus’ A380F, which FedEx canceled an order for over the B777F in 2006. “

I wonder what he tried to get out of the French ? Fred Smith plays hardball. And I’m guessing he thinks you won’t.

Don Brown
March 9, 2010


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