Saturday, March 27, 2010

And Away We Go

Just for the record.

”We’re leaving tomorrow for Communicating for Safety so, hopefully, I’ll be writing more this coming week. It’s always easier to get information when my prey can’t escape into the internet. For the controllers that will be there, here’s what I’m interested in. Study up.”

1) Have any improvements been made to URET ? Any. Ever.

We already knew the answer to that didn’t we ? The answer is “No”. At least none that anyone can remember.

2) Did the FAA ever figure out a way to determine who controllers are talking to ? And standardize it.

Again, the answer is “No”. Although, I did like the story about the one Area that went back to using strips and quit using URET. As entertaining as that was, the teller correctly pointed out that URET is the primary source of Flight Data. (Look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls -- otherwise know as the 7110.65.)

3) Okay, how is ERAM really working out ? Will it work at ZID (Indy Center) or will they turn it on for a few hours, declare success and turn it back off again ?

The FAA has decided to “stand down” or “slow down” or whatever other “down” it was they decided to do with ERAM. In other words, trying to “make it work” at Salt Lake Center didn’t work. They are pulling back and reevaluating. I’m not going to give them any grief for doing the right thing -- even if it is only after trying to do the wrong thing.

4) Can you new kids see airplanes in your head ? How did you learn to do that using URET ?

We already knew that answer too. ”What’s the Flick, Grandpa ? Did you walk to school in the snow too ?”

Holy Week is a busy week for me so don’t expect too much. But expect something. Soon.

Don Brown
March 27, 2010


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