Friday, July 03, 2009

We Told You So

I really don’t have to say anything else, do I ?

FAA whistle-blower safety warnings found to have merit

”A federal investigation into Federal Aviation Administration employee whistle-blower safety complaints has found more than two dozen to be on the mark, “

”The federal Office of Special Counsel, which investigates allegations of reprisal against whistle-blowers, tells CNN it has made a “positive determination” that the FAA improperly responded to 27 current cases of FAA employee whistle-blowers warning of safety violations ranging from airline maintenance concerns to runway and air traffic control issues. “

”“It means that FAA is a very sick agency,” said Tom Devine, legal director of the non-profit Government Accountability Project. “There’s never been an agency that’s had that large of a surge of whistle-blowers whose concerns were vindicated by the government’s official whistle-blower protection office.”“

Be sure to watch the video at the link above.

It’s Friday and a holiday weekend so traffic at this site and most others will be low. Regardless, here’s a “heads up”. After a 2-3 week drought in ATC-related news, several interesting items came to my attention yesterday. Have fun and be sure to catch up next week when you have the time.

Don Brown
July 3, 2009

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