Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Mouse That Roared

Elizabeth Warren is a mousy-looking woman. There’s no two ways about it. She seems shy and quiet. She certainly looks unassuming. And as far as I’m concerned, she’s the best hope we have for the future of our economy. Watch this first clip from The Daily Show.

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If that was the whole interview, I might have forgotten about her. But it wasn’t. And I didn’t. I’ve posted this next video before but I’m posting it again. In it, she comes alive and you see the passion she has -- and the sense of justice. You also get the first clue that there is some steel in her spine.

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Hopefully you noted that the video was from April of this year.

As I was driving home from Fort Payne yesterday, I was listening to Here and Now on XM Radio. One of the guests was Elizabeth Warren.

Here and Now -- July 15, 2009

How’s the Bank Bailout Working, and What Kind of Help Do Consumers Need?

(While you’re there you might want to listen to the interview with Matt Taibbi too -- Goldman Sachs, the “Bubble Machine”)

I decided to Google her and see where else she has been. Ms. Warren has been busy. I found her in an editorial at The New York Times by Bob Herbert. In it, there is this interesting blurb:

”The proposed agency developed from an idea offered some time ago by Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law School professor who currently chairs the Congressional Oversight Panel, which has been monitoring the financial industry bailouts. She is a strong contender to lead the proposed new agency.

Ms. Warren told a Congressional committee last month about the stark difference between the warm and fuzzy advertising approach used by lenders competing for consumer dollars and the treachery that is so often hidden in the fine print.

“Giant lenders compete for business by talking about nominal interest rates, free gifts and warm feelings,” she said, “but the fine print hides the things that really rake in the cash. Today’s business model is about making money through tricks and traps.” “

I like this woman. Heck, even Krugman likes her. There is hope.

Don Brown
July 16, 2009

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