Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.

Virtual Contrails: Modeling Air Traffic Control Over the Internet

”But this exchange actually took place between two participants in a computer game played over the Internet. Both players are members of VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation), a community of aviation enthusiasts who use the Internet to simulate real-life air travel. Though they sound like aviation professionals, neither player may have ever flown a plane or peered down from an air traffic control tower. Rather, they are hobbyists acting out their dreams of flying through the use of specially modified flight simulation programs and VATSIM's online servers. “

While the FAA has had the real controllers locked out of any meaningful participation, MITRE has been taking advantage of the non-real controllers.

Good for VATSIM. Bad FAA.

Don Brown
July 29, 2009


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