Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Dog Won’t Hunt

I thought some of my readers from the rest of the country might want to see what passes for reasoned discourse in my Congressional District. I received a regular email from my Congressman -- Lynn Westmoreland -- with this title:

”On the trail in search of some doggone stimulus jobs “

It provided a link to this video:

I’m so proud.

By the way, it took me about 5 minutes to find this:

Georgia rolls out first round of stimulus funding

”The Georgia State Transportation Board approved 135 separate economic stimulus projects across the state valued at more than $512 million. They are the first of hundreds of transportation projects throughout Georgia that will begin during the coming year utilizing $932 million in federal stimulus funds designed to create and sustain jobs.“

Meanwhile, Georgia’s unemployment rate reached 9.7%. It lost 211,500 jobs in the last year -- 15,800 in April 2009 alone. I know that most of the unemployed probably agreed with Congressman Westmoreland that they wanted a tax break...just not the kind that comes from being out of work.

To get a true picture of just what Federal stimulus money is doing for Georgia (and many other States) you can read this story from The Macon Telegraph:

Federal stimulus funds prevent deeper state budget cuts

Maybe Congressman Westmoreland should try using his brain instead of a bloodhound. Doggone it.

Don Brown
July 11, 2009

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