Thursday, July 02, 2009

An Unhealthy Dependancy

I found myself lecturing my daughter last night on healthcare and insurance as I was watching the evening news. She returned the favor by lecturing me -- telling me (in effect) that she’s a big girl now and she had given a presentation on the very same subject in college. In other words, “Dad, I love you. Now shut up.” Unlike her, y’all can’t give me “the look”.

Just in case all this isn’t painfully obvious to the next generation, there is a great opportunity for this country to have universal healthcare and/or insurance. You know, just like every other advanced country in the world. You can tell that the climate has changed by yesterday’s news.

Wal-Mart Says It Backs a Mandate on Insurance

”Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private employer, joined hands with a major labor union Tuesday to endorse the idea of requiring large companies to provide health insurance to their workers, a move that gives a boost to President Obama as he is pushing for health legislation on Capitol Hill. “

Don’t worry -- Wal-Mart hasn’t gone all soft on busting unions and whatnot. They just see the writing on the wall like a lot of other companies.

”But as health legislation moves through Congress, representatives of industry are becoming increasingly convinced that they must join forces with the administration to have a seat at the negotiating table.“

Wal-Mart and the rest of the corporations will do whatever they think is in their best corporate interests. That’s what companies do. Those interests don’t always coincide with your interests, your country’s or the world’s.

To make my point, think back to “The New York 11”. They got fired on a flimsy excuse. They got rehired (of course.) But while they were “fired” they -- and their families -- didn’t have any health insurance. It would be better that everyone is assured access to health insurance. Employed, unemployed or “fired”.

If you’re an air traffic controller, a fledgling artist or a Wal-Mart employee, it really isn’t in your best interest to let your employer have a death grip on your health insurance. They’ll just use it to control your behavior.

On a less personal but still important level, corporations will even use your health as a competitive tool. There are all sorts of options available to an entity that puts its profits ahead of your well being. And we all know companies aren’t in business to promote your well being.

Corporate America will make sure that their voice is heard in this debate. Make sure your voice is heard. Write somebody.

Don Brown
July 2, 2009

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