Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Delay for Delays

Here’s the news for today.

GAO: FAA Lacks Legal Basis For Slot Auctions

"We conclude that FAA currently lacks the authority to auction arrival and departure slots, and thus also lacks authority retain and use auction proceeds," the GAO report said. "FAA lacks a legal basis to go forward with the Newark auction or any other auction."

Be sure to take note of the last line.

”Earlier in the day, FAA's Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition lifted its stay on the slot auction at Newark. The auction was originally scheduled for Sept. 3, but ODRA stayed the auction pending legal challenges. “

Confused ? Don’t be. Fighting this out in the court system will take much longer -- effectively delaying a real solution to delays; Slot controls. No auction is needed. Never has been. Its just a delaying tactic.

Don Brown
October 1, 2008

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