Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Your Future Awaits

America might want to pay attention. This is what your future could look like.

”A Senate estimates committee today heard details of air traffic control towers left understaffed and at times unstaffed because of sickness and a lack of controllers.”

No, this isn’t one of my history lessons. This is happening right now -- today -- in Australia.

SEVERE shortages of air traffic controllers are causing major headaches for Airservices Australia.

This will be the next step.

Air traffic controllers to stage 24-hour strikes

“Around 60,000 passengers are set  to be affected next week by the cancellation of flights in and out of the State's main airports due to a 24-hour strike announced this morning by air traffic controllers.”

Again, this isn’t some history lesson. This is happening right now -- in Ireland. If things get this bad in the U.S. it won’t be 60,000 passengers -- it will be 600,000+. If memory serves me correctly, in the U.S., we have well over a million passengers a day that fly -- and close to 2 million per day on the major holidays.

As I tried to make clear just a few days ago, the FAA is bleeding controllers faster than the infusion of trainees can be trained. If the President, Congress, somebody doesn’t do something to stop the bleeding -- and do it fast -- the best thing that will happen will be closing a few air traffic control Towers. You don’t want to think about the worst thing that can happen.

Don Brown
February 20, 2008

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