Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ugly II

While playing around earlier with the “Despair, Inc.” web site, I also made today’s poster. It was going to take a little longer to explain it (yes, I know it’s supposed to be self-explanatory) but it turns out I don’t have to. Imagine my surprise when this news story turned up on the web today.

”Hecht has criticised Skyguide's management for authorising the procedure that meant only one controller was effectively on duty after 11pm. The Federal Civil Aviation Office and the Federal Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau also gave the go-ahead.”

Only one controller. A privatized air traffic control system. Is any of this sounding familiar to you ? It should.

If you don’t understand the privatization angle, this “related article” from the opening news story will help.

”The agency has endured some turbulence since its creation in 2001, following the merger of Switzerland's civilian and military air traffic control operations.”

Don Brown
May 15, 2007

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