Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Do You Believe Now ?

The union-loving, liberal-biased bastion of propaganda know as The Wall Street Journal has weighed in on the air traffic controller shortage. Check it out.

At Airports, Fewer Eyes on the Skies

Actually, the news department at The Wall Street Journal enjoys a solid reputation. The editorial board is another matter. It will be interesting to see how the Wall Street crowd reacts to the story.

The FAA, on the other hand, is still pleading ignorance.

”The FAA says that despite the reduction in air-traffic controllers, air travel has never been safer. "There is nothing that we're seeing at this point in time that gives us any concern," Mr. Krakowski said.“

I don’t guess Mr. Krakowski has been to the NTSB’s web site to view these two animations.

(scroll over the blank frames with the NTSB logo and the video controls will appear)

Don Brown
February 6, 2008

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