Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Group Think

Being an ex-controller, you would think I would know how to manage my time better. Oh well. I don’t have enough free time to think this out -- much less write it out -- before Thanksgiving so you will have to do your own thinking.

As I’ve mentioned before (this is me, managing my time by not looking up the blog entry), George W. Bush has made a career out of being underestimated. As President of the United States, he has interjected himself into the airline delay crisis just a few days before Thanksgiving. I’m convinced (and I hope you are convinced) that his announced plan won’t do a thing to lessen delays this week. So, what’s the unannounced plan ?

Seriously. The POTUS doesn’t put his credibility on the line without some solid assurances that his course of action will be successful. When Monday morning comes around (remember, Sunday is as big a travel day as Wednesday) and all the controllers start talking to the Monday-morning quarterbacks, how is the Administration going to sell this turkey ? What will they say as they unfurl the “Mission Accomplished” banner with JFK Tower looming in the background ? (BTW, what’s with the JFK fetish this year ? Why not LGA or EWR or ATL ?)

The weather in Atlanta is supposed to be thunderstorms on Wednesday. For New York, it’s showers. At Chicago it’s snow mixed with rain. It ain’t looking good.

Will they blame it on the weather ? Will they just say it would have been worse if the President hadn’t acted ? Will they cook the books ? What do you think ? You can send me your guess if you’d like. I don’t know what I’d do with it but it might be interesting to see what thoughts are out there. The question has crossed more than one controller’s mind...did it cross yours ?

It shoud have.

Don Brown
November 20, 2007

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