Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gratefully Gray

Sitting in South Florida on Thanksgiving Day, trying to make the best of the situation, I was reading my favorite paper -- ”The Gray Lady” -- The New York Times. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not often I actually get to read the paper itself (just the on-line version) in that there isn’t anyplace remotely close that sells it. The place I was staying was definitely a Wall Street Journal-kind-of place -- they were stacked up in the lobby -- but my brother-in-law had thoughtfully purchased the NYTimes so I’d have something to read. My in-laws are like that. They’re incredibly thoughtful people and I was thankful to be spending time with them, even if it wasn’t in my preferred locale.

As I was reading the NYTimes I saw their editorial -- “Congestion Relief.” I was sorely disappointed. Oh well. I was going to write something about it but my new best friend, James Fallows already did so I’ll just direct you there.

In addition, the NYTimes had a story from their aviation reporter, Matthew Wald. It’s a good story that is worth your time. Hopefully, I’ll get to provide more comments later but for now, I’ll just say it’s one of the reasons the NYTimes is my favorite paper -- they’ll cover stories to this depth.

While I was busy at the beach, my driveway was getting buried in leaves. It was a beautiful fall here, with wonderful color.

Perhaps that was because of the drought (or in spite of it) but today -- on this day -- it is gratefully gray. Just like Thanksgiving ought to be. It’s cold, windy and rainy. I enjoy the gray days as much as I enjoy the blue-sky days. Just as I enjoy the sweet sadness of James Taylor as much as the craziness of Jimmy Buffet. Which reminds me of a song. See if it’s in your collection. I’m going to take a nap.

”There’s something about this Sunday
It’s a most peculiar gray.
Strolling down the avenue
That’s known as A-1-A.
I was feeling tired but I got inspired
And I knew that it wouldn’t last long...

Don Brown
November 25, 2007

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