Monday, August 06, 2012

Introverts Unite! (and other oddities)

No, wait...

I'm becoming a big fan of TEDTalks. The one below struck a real cord with me -- I am an introvert and I would have been much more comfortable in my own skin if I'd known that a lot earlier. There are hundreds of other TEDTalks to choose from, so if you're not an introvert, there is still one that will interest you. Explore. I typed "air traffic control" in the search box. Now I'll have to write another blog post for this.)

Like so many times in my life, I feel like I'm late to this party. Of course, I don't like parties. I'm an introvert.

Speaking of jobs I am ill suited to perform, through some kind of serious flaw in our society's structure, I have been thrust into the chairmanship of my county's Democratic Party. Heaven help us. The reason I'm telling you is that I've created a blog and a Facebook page for it and guess who has to fill it with content? So, I haven't stopped writing -- I'm writing a lot -- it's just that I am writing some place different and for a different audience. I'll still post here. It's just that there are only so many hours in the day.

But if you are just a fan of my wit and brilliant writing style -- no matter what the subject -- then you are certainly welcome to read the blog. You can even "Like" the Facebook page. You can even send money. I'll have a PayPal link up sooner or later, but if I was you I'd put a $5 bill in an envelope and snail mail it. (The top item on the sidebar. $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills also accepted.) That way, you won't be on anybody's mailing list and you won't get any robo calls. Seriously, what kind of dummy gives their address to a political party? They'll keep pestering you for money and to attend meetings. The next thing you know you'll wind up running the thing. Oh, wait...

Yeah, I wouldn't even put a return address on it. That'll save me from having to write a "Thank You" note. And seeing as I can't afford to buy any "Thank You" cards's a win-win.

Now, if you think I sound uncomfortable asking for money, wait until you see my fellow introvert give this TEDTalk. If you extroverts would stand up and do these things we introverts wouldn't have to. Just sayin'...

Don Brown
August 6, 2012

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