Thursday, August 16, 2012

Educate Me -- Twitter

Okay, I need to learn to Twitter. Educate me. @GetTheFlick

Don Brown
August 16, 2012


Frank Van Haste said...

OK, Don, welcome to Twitter. BTW, the verb is "tweet".

Suggest you seek out and follow real people in preference to organizations and celebrities (Fallows is OK...he's real. Krugman, I'm not sure.)

Every time you do a blog post, do a tweet pointing to it. You can tweet your sunrise pics if you want.

Look at the lists of followers of people that follow you, and follow in turn, judiciously.

I've been in Tweet-land for about a year and have so far about 550 tweets, and 125 followers/ees. Quality trumps quantity.

Happy tweeting :-)


Don Brown said...

Found you on Twitter, Frank. Thanks. Like I said, I need to learn so don't be shy. If I'm screwing up, let me know.


NH Labor News said...

Follow me @nhlabor_news and I will help you learn. I also have multiple powerpoints and doc files about how to use twitter effectively.