Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still Here (or there)

Just in cased you missed me, I'm still here. I just refuse to pay $22 a day so I can research a blog entry anywhere in this hotel.

Sleeping on duty has been a problem since the Roman Empire (and probably long before.)

One person on duty is bad business for ATC.

But it just proves my point that airplanes don't need controllers to fly (or land.)

ERAM is in more trouble than I thought. I'll explain (more fully) when I get home. Tomorrow. Assuming I can still trust the NAS to get me home.

Don Brown
March 24, 2011
Live from Las Vegas

1 comment:

cherokee said...

ERAM installed by Lockheed Martin; you expect it to work as advertised?
They have been "testing" it since summer of 2010....don't hold your breath Don...
Skipp B.