Tuesday, March 08, 2011

“60 Minutes” Still Has It

If you read this blog, you know the misery is out there. You know the unemployment figures. You know the outlook. You know the times are tough.

Knowing it and seeing it are two different things. Watch. It’s important. (Sorry about the commercials.)

(Here is the print version of the story in case you have cause to use it.)

A friend and I used to poke fun at our parents. They were suffering from DES -- Depression Era Syndrome. You’ve probably seen it too if you know anyone that survived the Depression. They would never throw anything away that might be remotely useful one day. They didn’t waste anything. They watched their money like a hawk.

It doesn’t seem so funny anymore does it?

The kids you see in this video will be just like that. They are learning lessons that my generation thought were so remote -- so unimaginable -- that they were laughable.

When you look and see the damage that has been done -- and realize it will last for decades (if not a lifetime) -- perhaps you will believe that I was serious when I said the banksters belong in jail. The kids in this video shouldn’t be the only ones that have to learn a hard lesson. The banksters should learn one too.

Don Brown
March 8, 2011

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