Monday, July 19, 2010

A True Public Servant

After reading this article in The Nation, I’m proud that I’ve had Robert Reich in my list of blogs from the beginning.

Unjust Spoils

”If nothing more is done, America's three-decade-long lurch toward widening inequality is an open invitation to a future demagogue who misconnects the dots, blaming immigrants, the poor, government, foreign nations, "socialists" or "intellectual elites" for the growing frustrations of the middle class. The major fault line in American politics will no longer be between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. It will be between the "establishment" and an increasingly mad-as-hell populace determined to "take back America" from them. When they understand where this is heading, powerful interests that have so far resisted reform may come to see that the alternative is far worse.”

I hope that you will heed his words of wisdom. They are a warning.

I recognize how much Robert Reich has shaped my own thoughts. I hope you will let him help shape yours. He not only has the gift of being able to think on a grand scale, he can put these grand ideas into words that are understandable. I’m not sure which is the rarer gift. I’m just glad he shares them with the rest of us.

Don Brown
July 19, 2010

(P.S. I got the article from Paul Cox. Yeah, that guy.)


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