Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Like This Guy

This is one of those things that may come back to bite me...but I like Congressman Anthony Weiner from New York. I’m providing a blurb from CBS News so you can check out the bigger story but THE story is that Congressman Wiener went ballistic on the Republicans voting against the bill for “procedural” reasons.

Anthony Weiner Erupts at Republicans for Rejecting 9/11 Responders Health Bill

”Most House Republicans on Thursday voted against a bill to provide $7.4 billion in aid to 9/11 first responders who became sick after the attacks. They complained that Democrats opted to bypass voting on amendments, opting instead for a process that sped up the vote but required a two-thirds majority.”

And here’s the video from YouTube:

As for the politics, I think Greg Sargent from The Washington Post has an excellent point.

”Whatever their substantive objections to each piece of legislation Republicans oppose, their larger game plan is to render government ineffective in order to deny Dems victores, create a sense that government is broken and has failed to deliver, stoke anti-incumbent fervor, and ensure that Dems bear the brunt of blame for government dysfunction.”

But I think his conclusion was wrong. I think Congressman Weiner did exactly the right thing. It’s about time a Democrat got mad and emotional about something. My head tells me I may be wrong. My gut says Weiner is right.

By the way, my decision is highly influenced by seeing Congressman Weiner on The Daily Show months ago.

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Don Brown
July 31, 2010


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