Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fox News, GMU, Privatization

Please tell me you see the pattern. Over and over and over, it’s the same players. Fox News is the mouth piece. George Mason University provides the intellectual veneer. The goal is still privatization of governmental functions for private power and profit.

You saw the ABC News story with the undercover video of the manager’s meeting in Atlanta. Now take a look at a completely twisted version of the story from Fox News. ABC News goes out of the way to make the distinction between controllers and management. Fox News whispers “management” and then lets their guest scream “controllers”, leaving the impression it was air traffic controllers at this conference. And the agenda is right out there for everyone to see -- privatize the FAA.

Never heard of George Donohue before ? Welcome to the club. It’s a good thing we have the internet.


George Donohue


George Mason University

Previous Positions
•Associate Administrator of Research and Acquisitions, FAA.

If any of you controllers out there walk into an FAA facility where there is a TV on, with Fox News playing, I hope you’ll have the courage to change the channel. I’d recommend changing it to ABC. And if controllers in Atlanta Center are still watching Fox News in the union’s office, grab them by the ear, drag them to the computer room and show them this video from Fox News. If they still don’t get it, tell them Don Brown said they’re too stupid to separate airplanes for a living. They need to apply for a management job.

If they’re lucky, some private contractor will hire them in a few years. Or an airline. Maybe “W’’s new think tank will hire them. Or George Mason University.

Don Brown
December 26, 2009

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