Maybe I Should Stay Home

Maybe the travel industry should pay me to stay home. I was writing down my thoughts about Vegas (because I have nothing else to do without an internet connection) before I went to the airport. I got to the airport and they have wi-fi throughout. And it’s FREE. Cool. It will come in useful -- in that the plane is late.

Sure am glad I took the powers-that-be advice and showed up an hour and a half early to clear security (which took all of five minutes.)

Sheesh ! How do you “road warriors” put up with this ? I haven’t even got to the story of three different groups of Atlanta controllers on three different airplanes that spent 5-6 hours on the ramp at Atlanta waiting to be de-iced.

I see those evil welcome-to-my world smirks. Just tell me where they hide the electrical outlets. I’m running out of juice.

Don Brown
March 5, 2009


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