It’s Here !

There’s no need to wait for NextGen to come to America. Head for Europe. NextGen arrived there yesterday.

European air agency launches new control system

”A new air traffic-control system designed to double the number of planes over Europe while cutting flight times and airport congestion was put into operation by the continent's aviation agency Monday. “

I hope you’ll be as amused as I was by the identical talking points used by Eurocontrol and the FAA.

”By increasing the number of flights in the air while reducing wait times over airports, the new technology will save airlines about euro4 billion euros ($5 billion) a year in wasted fuel, according to the agency, Eurocontrol. It is also meant to increase safety.

It will also allow for "continuous descent approaches," a technique whereby the aircraft essentially glide down to the runway from their cruise altitude, rather than face a series of step-down descents and speed changes. Experts say this too would save significant quantities of fuel. “

Even this one is identical.

”Eurocontrol said the new system should be fully operational by 2025. “

If, after reading the article, you have no idea what all the hullabaloo is about...don’t worry. I don’t either.

Don Brown
March 24, 2009


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