Got Milk ?

It’s time for the irregular Spring tradition in the Atlanta area -- Snow Panic. Now get this, this is the way things happen around here. A week ago I was helping clean up after a tornado. That is the way it works -- cold to hot, hot to cold. The temperature differences drive the often-violent thunderstorms. Yesterday, between the tornado watches, I was out taking pictures of the flowers in my yard. This is Lenten Rose.

It was 72 degrees. This morning it is 42 degrees and it is supposed to start snowing by lunch. Tonight it’s supposed to drop to 25 degrees with the wind gusting to 30 mph.

Every time there is a forecast for snow, Atlantans mob the grocery stores buying bread and milk. I don’t know why. They just do. Atlanta does not do well in the snow. It rarely ever sticks and even when it does, it usually doesn’t last a day. We just don’t ever get any practice driving in the stuff. And you can’t get anywhere in Atlanta without driving. It’s a bad combination.

Unfortunately, I have to drive downtown today, just after lunch. This could get interesting.

Don Brown
March 1, 2009


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