Monday, June 09, 2008

Turn Out the Lights

Speaking of retirements, will the last controller leaving the FAA please be sure to turn out the lights ?

From my buddy Todd’s blog -- Vanity Fair Musings

A total of 2,687 controllers and trainees have left their jobs – through retirement, resignations, transfers to other FAA jobs and other reasons – from Sept. 3, 2006 (the day the FAA imposed work and pay rules) through March 31, 2008. That’s nearly 20 percent of the workforce.

Of the 1,417 retirements since Oct. 1, 2006, only 30 (2.1 percent) reached the mandatory retirement age of 56.

30 out of 1,417.

1,387 controllers walked away from a good salary -- long before they had to -- because the FAA is such a lousy employer. I know what it cost me in terms of money. As large as that figure is, it’s not nearly as much as it’s going to cost you -- the taxpayer. Todd has word from Asheville, NC -- an airport in my old airspace. It was once a paradise for air traffic controllers. I know, I bid on it. Check it out.

Don Brown
June 9, 2008

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