Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Know This Tune

I’ve got work to do this morning. (Okay, not work that pays but work all the same.) While I’m busy digging, wander over to NAS Confusion and see if the kid’s stuff doesn’t sound familiar.

”Pilots keep complaining, and then all the traffic gets forced into using only a few available, relatively smooth, altitudes, which makes things very complicated. Speeds get assigned when normally a different altitude would allow normal speeds. The hardest part is all the questions and lack of answers, or lack of good answers, depending on the location. Its hard to get everyone to just be quiet. The turbulence has to go on the back-burner occasionally so we can separate the aircraft first, and then worry about the rides second. “

All that while he gets used to his new day off too. (What ? You think he gets two ?)

Wednesday is the new Monday

Seriously, all my old AVweb fans need to check out this site.

NAS Confusion

Trust me. You’ll like it.

Don Brown
June 18, 2008

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