Friday, April 04, 2008

Kentucky Rain

I’m still on the road, returning home from the Communicating for Safety conference. No, I didn’t fly. I drove. You might question that -- but remember -- I’m retired with plenty of time. One of the first e-mails I got in Chicago was from a buddy whose flight was canceled, making him a day late getting to Chicago. Think about it.

I took a different route home. It was a nice ride through the prairie but it started to rain just before we got to Kentucky. I’ve got this quirk -- this “thing”. Songs just pop into my head and I start singing them. My wife -- a big Elvis fan -- had had enough of Kentucky Rain by the time we reached Tennessee.

I noticed that Nashville likes to tout its relationship with Elvis. Advertising is an interesting thing. If you listened to it, you would think Elvis’ second home was Nashville. Maybe that is what the FAA thinks they are doing. Maybe they bought their own line (act more like a business) and they think they are advertising instead of lying. Elvis was not warmly received at the Grand Old Opry and he swore he’d never come back. The FAA is a government agency and it will never act like a business. And it never should.

I assume you are following the hearings Chairman Oberstar is holding. I listened to them on CSPAN-Radio as I drove through the cold Kentucky rain. And the rain kept pouring down. On Kentucky and the FAA.

Don Brown
April 4, 2008

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