Monday, April 28, 2008

Connected Dots

I got an e-mail from John at the Aviation Mentor pointing me towards a post about secondary airports he had written at the end of last year. You see, he reads James Fallows’ blog like I read James Fallows’ blog, and James Fallows had read my blog, which means the Aviation Mentor read my blog and now I read his blog. I’m lost now too but somehow we’re all talking about VLJs (Very Light Jets) and how they are going to work in the National Airspace System.

Read this -- Three Kinds of Lies -- and you’ll be connected too.

(Switch subjects...) I liked John’s latest post on “T-routes” -- How Low Can You Go ? We appear to be kindred spirits from opposite sides of the microphone.

”You may be wondering why these new MEAs are called "GNSS MEAs" (Jeppesen uses the term "GPS MEA"). GNSS is an international standard and the U.S. GPS/WAAS is just one implementation of that standard, or at least it will be when all the international requirements are met. As we used to say in the software world - "The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them." “

Not only standards, but databases too. I’ve never figured out why URET uses the Jeppsen database instead of the FAA’s own database. But now we’re getting way off into geek-land. If you know what an MEA is, you might want to check out his site. You’ll learn something.

Don Brown
April 28, 2008

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