Wednesday, April 09, 2008

FAA Hits the Big Time

Some of you may recall that I said Jon Stewart of The Daily Show is “the smartest man on TV.” I also told you that it is where much of my children’s generation gets their news. Well, congratulations are in order for the FAA. They managed (<-- that’s a joke, get it ?) to make it onto The Daily Show. Watch the clip.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart -- Airplane

There is another comment Jon made (leading into the next segment) that didn’t make it onto that clip.

”It turns out that the FAA has not exercised proper oversight over the very industry that it is charged with regulating. Just as -- under the present Administration -- the FDA, the EPA, the mining agencies, etc...have also failed consumers and workers. A pattern ?“

I told you he was a smart guy.

Don Brown
April 9, 2008

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