Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Old Scout

Garrison Keillor is an odd duck. I probably would be too if I had a name like “Garrison.” Most of you probably know him from the radio show “A Prairie Home Companion” (hate it) or perhaps you read his book “Homegrown Democrat” (loved it.)

Love him or hate him, Mr. Keillor is an extraordinary writer. Some people are kind enough (or ignorant enough) to say I write well. Guys like me read guys like Garrison Keillor to remind us of the truth (however unkind it may be.) Mr. Keillor is a professional. A gifted professional. I’m just an amateur.

I do have something to say (no matter how poorly.) I just wish I could say it half as well. Trying to pick a good column of Mr. Keillor’s to point you towards is like trying to pick just one treat in my favorite bakery. Coffee roll ? Cinnamon bun ? Cheesecake ? The one with the Oreo crust or the praline ? It’s torture.

Just give up and gorge yourself. You can pay your penance tomorrow and read more of my gruel.

Being Chosen: The Occupational Hazards

The cranky man's guide to contentment

The Pleasures of Perfect Cadence

Once you get to any of those, you’ll notice a whole display case of treats down the side. You might also notice something else that I just noticed today. (Odd, how we overlook the obvious, isn’t it ?) These extraordinary delights are absolutely free. Feel free to taste them all.

Don Brown
July 5, 2007

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