Friday, July 20, 2007

Didn’t Learn Much Did We ?

From history that is. Remember this ?

””Jul 19, 1968: Air traffic congestion reached critical proportions when a total of 1,927 aircraft in the vicinity of New York City were delayed in taking off or landing, some for as long as three hours.”

You might be interested in these numbers.

”Number of Flights Delayed on July 18, 2007 -- 2,364 -- according to the FAA”

That message was brought to you by your favorite public servants, the air traffic controllers of NATCA . Check it out at Avoid Delays.

It really is a cool site. And you don’t have to take my (biased) word for it.

” Book non-stop flights whenever possible, and before you book that flight use the information found on the incredibly useful Avoid Delays Web site, which is maintained by air traffic controllers, to fine-tune your travel plans.”

That’s from Fodor’s.

I love it when my guys do the right thing and do it well. And they usually do. They aren’t perfect. But then again, they are. At least 99.999997% of the time. And that’s as close to perfect as any humans you know.

Don Brown
July 20, 2007

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