Monday, December 24, 2012

Heretics for Christmas

I know, heretics are a strange subject for Christmas Eve. And yet, here I am.

I know that This American Life is one of the most popular radio shows out there. So, of course, I've largely ignored it. I don't do popular. Well, at least not until I discover it on my own. But a friend of mine directed me to a link of the Red State Blue State episode and I was looking for a new podcast for Sunday mornings and...there you go.


No matter where you lie on the political and religious spectrum, at some point you'll probably become uncomfortable listening to this show. Keep listening. All the way to the end. I found it deeply thought provoking. (They handle podcasts differently. Just set aside some time and listen to it on line.)

And finally, I'll leave you with this clip I got from my friend and fellow controller, Todd. I'll be performing this tonight at midnight. That's after I run photograph the sunrise and ring the bell for the Salvation Army and, hopefully, photograph the sunset tonight.

Merry Christmas everyone. Peace on Earth. And good will towards men.


Don Brown
Christmas Eve, 2012


Elaine said...

"This American Life" is available as a free podcast through the iTunes store. Here's the link:

Frank Van Haste said...

Merry Christmas, Don. I hope you and all your loved ones have a safe, prosperous and healthy New Year!