Friday, December 07, 2012

A Convincing Argument

Watch this segment from the Rachel Maddow Show (with Ezra Klein as substitute anchor). Take notes. Then rewrite it as an argument for healthy controllers. File it away for a rainy day.

This is how it's done. Pay attention. The job you save could be your own.

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Don Brown
December 7, 2012


drydiggins said...

We always make it a practice to prefer the local restaurateurs over these chain operations. Case in point, Zac Jac Bistro is a lovely place just fifty yards from the Applebee's in Cameron Park, CA. As we left Zac Jac last night, seeing the drones streaming in to Applebee's was like a clip from "They Live".

drydiggins said...

We always prefer the locally owned restaurants over the chain operations.

Case in point, Zac Jac Bistro versus Applebee's in Cameron Park. Not even close.