Sunday, June 05, 2011

That Fellow Can Think

Oh to have an educated mind. Then, maybe, I could write like the folks at Praxis Foundation.

NextGen ATC and GPS: Questions about Investment, Exploitation, Obligation, Liability and Standing

”And there’s another thing: the radio signal from the satellite in orbit (20k miles up) to an airplane’s GPS receiver is pretty weak. That radio signal is not nearly as strong as a signal sent from a VOR. It becomes very important that nothing interfere with the faint GPS radio signal.”

I know all the General Aviation pilots have heard about LightSquared by now. You might want to read this blog.

Here’s my favorite thought:

”It’s interesting to note that DoD is not complaining.”

Go find your own. There are plenty to choose from.

Don Brown
June 5, 2011


Dave Starr said...

Good point out, Don. I already commented there. I've been writing about this on my little GPS business blog as well. The already demonstrated interference with essential EMS/Fist responder equipment ought to give every pilot and controller pause as well.

And as a former government employee, as I am, you can clearly see the significant danger posed by NextGen's plans aside from whatever happens in the LigfhtSquared frequency grab fiasco,

The USAF(DoD) funds the GPS operations and maintenance strictly out of day-to-day operations and maintenance funds. They could cut back or even stop certain aspects of the GPS mission at will.

Also, the current agreement between the DoT(FAA's parent) and the DoD to operate the GPS to standards that will support the WAAS (essential for the NextGen) runs out, IIRC, in 2015 ... hardly the blink of an eye away in government funding agreement terms.

Who is going to pay for NextGen "piggybacking" for free on the USAF's system?

Fox news hasn't even seen politics until they try to pickpocket a general's O&M funds.

The tecjnocal issues of NextGen are at least starting to be aired, but the funding issues haven't even started peeking out from the lid of Pandor's box yet. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

The DoD sent a letter to the FCC, jointly with the FAA, explaining that they are unhappy with the movement regarding LightSquared.

Both the FAA and DoD are concerned/opposed to interference with GPS signals.