Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey! It Works!

Google News offers a service (I’m sure you’ve seen it) where you can “create an email alert” for whatever terms you used in a search. I created one for “+ERAM +FAA” -- about a month ago. I finally got a hit on it today -- the first one. (You don’t really need to bother clicking on the link unless you just want to see the Avionics Intelligence web site. I’m pretty sure it’s just the text of a speech from Randy Babbitt.


”One of the building blocks for NextGen is our En-Route Automation Modernization, or ERAM initiative.

This program has more than 1.4 million lines of code and its taking us from an antiquated system that looks like a patch-work quilt, to one that is more uniform and can display more information to controllers.

ERAM has not been without challenges. But I am confident in the waterfall schedule we have laid out.

We have it up and running now in Seattle and Salt Lake City.
ERAM has been running more than 230 consecutive days in Salt Lake City and more than 160 consecutive days in Seattle. Controllers are using it to control traffic.

We are collaborating with NATCA and our controllers and managers in the field something that was not adequately done at the outset of this effort. Were listening to the controllers and fixing the issues they have. And we expect to have initial operational capability at more centers this fall.”

That is all.

Don Brown
June 17, 2011

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