Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mother Nature Has Your NextGen

Nextgen this.

FAA says LaGuardia, Newark airports to reopen soon

”The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday New York's LaGuardia Airport is set to reopen at 4 p.m. Eastern time and that Newark International Airport is scheduled to reopen at 6 p.m. The airports were closed earlier because of heavy snow. ”

Major airports closed for nearly a day by Mother Nature. Do you really think NextGen is going to have an impact on that? Or thunderstorms? And for the facility consolidators...

KK air traffic control fire disrupts flights

”According to an initial report by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), thick smoke had emerged from the Telekom Malaysia equipment and battery room located on the first floor of the air traffic control centre.

The centre is located 1.5km from the air traffic control tower.”

And for a real time waster, you can watch this painfully funny video about NextGen. It’s long (13 minutes), it’s hard to understand (especially the acronyms, initials, etc.) and the format is overdone. At the same time, it’s smart, right on the money and, therefore, still funny. Kudos to whoever put it together.

Don’t forget, ERAM, the backbone of NextGen is in trouble and that news was buried just before Christmas.

Don Brown
December 28, 2010

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Michele said...

I liked her comment about taking a break before she used her laptop to beat some common sense into him.

What a joke...how sad that it's true.