Thursday, December 23, 2010

Market “Reality”

First, a disclaimer. I do not understand the stock markets. I am highly skeptical of those that think they do. Exhibit A.

Fortune 500: Top-performing stocks of 2010

#6 US Airways

”Most consumer hate airlines, but investors seem to love them. That's especially true for US Airways, whose shares have more than doubled this year, outpacing the stocks of major rivals, which barely managed to log double-digit gains.”

I guess -- at least in this case -- the customer isn’t always right because (and I quote) “Most consumer (sic) hate airlines...” Not to mention, they haven’t made any money in....forever.

Exhibit B.

#9 United Continental Holdings

”On Oct. 1, two powerhouse airlines joined forces. United Airlines and Continental swapped roughly $3 billion worth of stock to form United Continental Holdings. The deal ousted Delta Airlines as the world's biggest carrier by airline traffic, and investors are betting that that dominance will pay off.”

My mind focused in on the word “betting”.


Don Brown
December 23, 2010

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Air Traffic Mike said...

Don, here's a link to the official OPM page showing the total number of Federal Employees beginning in 1962.