Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Truth Always Comes Out

Even if you saw the original segment on The Daily Show, you need to watch this unedited version. Bethany McLean (Vanity Fair) and Joe Nocera (New York Times) have written a book on our economic collapse. Listen closely to what they have to say.

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I was struck by Joe Nocera’s statement about Goldman-Sachs, “...they did it by screwing all their own clients...” (It’s at the 2:55 mark on the video.)

Joe Nocera is a professional journalist with a long and distinguished history. He is damning the top Wall Street firm -- Goldman Sachs. You just don’t do that lightly. Goldman Sachs has enough lawyers to tie him up in court for the rest of his life. I’d bet money Mr. Nocera has the facts to back his claim. And the last thing Goldman Sachs wants is for those facts to come out in a court of law.

By the way, the “idiots” Jon Stewart kept referring to are you and me. If you own a home, a 401k, any kind of stock, a pension -- the banksters are the ones that stole your money.

“We fell for our own scam.” When I say “stole” I mean stole. But stealing your money wasn’t the worst part. They also stole your future. To understand that, go to Krugman’s blog and start reading.

Don Brown
November 18, 2010

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