Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Conservatives Are Coming

Keep in mind that the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom just took power a few months ago in a split-by-a-third-party election. In addition (just because I like history), remember that Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were big buddies. She’s the politician that gave life to privatization.

”She became a very close ally, philosophically and politically, with President of the United States Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980.”

That would be the guy that fired the air traffic controllers.

”According to the BBC, Thatcher "managed to destroy the power of the trade unions for almost a generation."”

And here’s an interesting little side note:

”The Thatcher government encouraged the growth of the financial and service sectors to replace Britain's ailing manufacturing industry. Susan Strange called this new financial growth model, flourishing in Britain and America under Thatcher and Reagan, "casino capitalism" – as speculation and trading in financial claims became a more important part of the economy than industry.”

Ahhhh, the things I find while researching blog entries for you. But I’m getting off course. Here’s the stuff for my aviation-minded friends.

Exclusive: Government Hires Bankers For Air Traffic Control Sale

”I'm told that Philip Hammond, the transport secretary, has authorised the appointment of Bank of America Merrill Lynch to advise the Government on a process that could see National Air Traffic Services (NATS) floated on the stock market as soon as next year. Ministers will also consider the sale of part or all of its 49 per cent shareholding to a single buyer, although the reduction of its stake below 25 per cent would require new legislation.”

The 2012 elections really aren’t that far away.

Don Brown
November 9, 2010

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