Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, They Fired Him

In case you weren’t keeping up, the FAA fired the lawyer, David Pardo. This is from the Project on Government Oversight’s web site.

Did Whistle-Blogging Contribute to Termination at the FAA?

”Can blogging get you fired? One now-former Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) attorney, who says he’s blown the whistle and is documenting retaliation on his blog, says the answer may be yes.

David Pardo, an attorney at the FAA, was fired yesterday, according to a post on Monday on his blog, FAA Lawyer Whistleblower.”

For those that haven’t heard of POGO, you can check them out on Wikipedia. I read the whole entry because...well..that’s what I do. I noticed it doesn’t say anything about their funding sources and I noticed this;

”POGO, along with several other public interest groups, has been involved in the investigation and trial of Scott Bloch, ex-head of the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC). Bloch was accused by former OSC employees of ignoring and dismissing hundreds of whistleblower complaints, removing language guaranteeing protection against sexual orientation discrimination from OSC's website and official documents, and "relocating" several of his own employees who came forward with these allegations.[”

Some of you might remember Mr. Bloch. If you have a few moments, you might want to follow your instincts through a few links on the internet. That way, you can see just how corrupt the Bush Administration really was. His appointees not only regularly violated the spirit of the law but the letter of it also.

Stay tuned. We’ll see what happens under an Obama Administration.

Don Brown
September 21, 2010

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