Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Lawyer?

I don’t know a thing about it yet, but this whistleblower case in the FAA sure has the potential to become interesting.

”I inform my then-supervisor, Anne Bechdolt, Acting Manager, Operations Law Branch, that I refuse to obey an order that would require me to violate the law...”

A few things to note:

1) A lawyer? Seriously? It’s one thing to mess with a controller that has to struggle to read the law and usually winds up having to hire a’s another thing entirely to have a guy in the position of whistleblower that starts out with a law degree.

” I attach a 129-page .pdf document that chronicles the history above.”

2) See what I mean? A controller can’t imagine 129 pages. A lawyer can crank that out before lunch.

3) If all this interests you, be sure to read the links. It will be much easier to understand.

4) It appears Mr. Pardo is motivated.

5) The internet continues to change everything.

Don Brown
September 5, 2010


Labrador Blue Dog said...

Yep- even the lawyers.

Wonder what it was. We'll see eventually, of course. Once the 129 pages gets out.

By the way- Happy Labor Day to you. In honor of the men and women who fought the good fight before us.

Flyin said...

There goes another career. New Boss, DOT and FAA, makes no difference. Just a different flavor kool aid. Hang on Mr. Pardo, the "justice" in the legal system will now be exposed for you and all to see.

Stephan Ahonen said...

Something for your next post: