Saturday, August 21, 2010

Google Recession

My brother showed me a neat trick with Google Maps this morning.

1) Go to Google Maps and pick an area -- say Atlanta.

2) At the top of the map is a button that says “More”. Scroll over that, a drop down box will display and the bottom entry should be “Real estate”. Check that box.

3) That should change the display in the window to the left of the map.

4) Check the “Foreclosure” button and uncheck the “For sale” button.

5) Explore

After you’ve played with that a while, read Krugman’s column from yesterday.

Appeasing the Bond Gods

”Late last year the conventional wisdom on economic policy took a hard right turn. Even though the world’s major economies had barely begun to recover, even though unemployment remained disastrously high across much of America and Europe, creating jobs was no longer on the agenda. Instead, we were told, governments had to turn all their attention to reducing budget deficits.”

Blend all this together and think on it for a minute, if you will.

Don Brown
August 21, 2010


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